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  • Command Line Power User

    Wes Bos' video series for web developers on learning a modern command line workflow with ZSH, Z and related tools.
  • Goodbye GitHub Streaks

    I recently removed all of my private repos and a number of public repos from my GitHub profile, ending my streaks and clearing up my profile.
  • Brew cask - installing apps quickly on macOS

    Utilise the power of Homebrew and cask to install most applications on a macOS machine with a single command from your terminal.
  • Useful homebrew commands

    As as a frequent user of Homebrew on macOS, I find myself using the same few commands over and over. For that reason, I've listed those commands with a short explanation of each, so others don't need to trawl the web or read the man pages.
  • Stylelint and Scss linting

    Until recently I was using scss-lint to lint my Scss files. This relied on a Ruby module, so I was looking for a Node alternative to fit in with my npm and node-sass workflow. Stylelint seemed to fit the bill.
  • Useful npm commands

    As as a frequent user of Node and npm I'm often looking for shortcuts and quick commands I can use to speed up my workflow. I've combined a few of my favourites here for my own reference.