Tom O'Dwyer

Tom O'Dwyer 👨‍💻

A front-end developer creating accessible websites, which meet users' needs.

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My thoughts, ideas and notes from 8 years as a front-end developer.

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  1. Removing client-side JavaScript from Gatsby

    Using a Gatsby plugin to remove JavaScript resources from my static site.

  2. Local environment “ease of use” as a developer experience metric

    How long does it take a developer to make a change on your website?

  3. Using Zsh to build a productive developer terminal experience

    Using oh-my-zsh and the Starship theme to create a beautiful terminal environment.

Latest projects

Projects I've worked on as a solo developer.

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  1. Fulhamish

    Fulhamish is a blog and a podcast that offers an informal, sideways look at everything to do with Fulham Football Club, on and off the pitch.

  2. Fulham Supporters Trust

    An independent voice for all Fulham supporters. Players, managers, owners, staff come and go, but we, the Fulham supporters, remain through thick and thin.

  3. At the Flicks

    Show notes website for the podcast all about films and the cinema.